Fantasy Man

It all started this morning. Not realizing it, but knowing tonight had to be a full moon. She could feel it.

Wasting the night away, without a wink of sleep, as Gullible Woman tried to complete her homework, her heart and desires looked forward to seeing a caring and sweet man who happened to walk into her life earlier this week; Fantasy Man.

40-years-old, sandy blonde hair, eyes blue as the sky smeared with a grey tint, perfect teeth, perfect lips, and perfect body, just perfect—in her eyes—everywhere. The kind of guy with a body and looks she thought only appeared on greeting cards.

In her lonely king size bed, she laid starring into the eyes of her Fantasy Man who appeared on her laptop. She could only dream he was lying next to her.

As her day of only two hours of sleep continued, she regretted the day. A lunch date was planned that she missed. Gullible Woman closed her eyes for a few minutes only to realize she slept for two hours too long.

Beating herself down for oversleeping, the phone rang. On the other end was his voice. Fantasy Man! He proclaimed he injured his back while at work. Gullible Woman was not given the privilege to spend his lunch hour with him. Helpless, yet crushed, she wanted nothing more than to be there for him.

Come 3 o’clock p.m., she called hoping he was better, and to tell him how much she wished she was there and how much she missed him. Without an answer, she started to panic. Feeling he was upset because she overslept. Finally, another call came in. It was Fantasy Man once again.

Later, expecting his arrival, as he promised, he never showed. No call. No show.

She continued sitting at home awaiting his call, but the only call was her mother complaining about issues Gullible Woman’s oldest son was causing. After she bickered with her son for awhile, and the situation became resolved, another issue occurred. Her friend came by to cancel their plans they had made for that night; a triple date. Her sister never called and never showed either.

Around 8 o’clock, after she drove to Wendy’s for dinner then to Starbuck’s for a Latte, Fantasy Man texted her saying he was sorry. She broke the ice by texting him back saying she loved him. She did not hear back from him. However, not only did an empty response from him leave her hanging, but it left her thinking about him and drinking a total of three lattes, which soon after caused her stomach to cramp. However, it beat going to the bar that was behind Starbucks.

Fantasy Man is a man Gullible Woman wanted. She wanted him to want her back.

As she went back home she went upstairs to her two bedroom apartment observing his picture once again. She found herself seeing him everywhere. He was on her computer, in her mind, displayed on her cell phone, and especially in her heart.

The thoughts of his soft touches, gentle kisses, warm laughs, and snuggling arms wrapped completely around her only drove her deeper into loving him.

If she looked at another man, all she could see was him.


About 30 Something...

Chelle is a divorced wife and mother of three wonderful kids. She enjoys writing, either by blogging or creating stories.
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