Jealous Man vs. Fantasy Man

Fantasy Man was a man who she never imagined herself to ever be with because in her eyes that’s who he was, a fantasy. He did give her the time of day. She was head over hills.

Awhile back, she broke the ice by saying, “I love you.”

Does she? Or, is it an obsession for wanting to love and to be loved?

The night before, she went out and got buzzed with her friend, ex-boyfriend, Jealous Man. When she arrived home she was rudely greeted by her sister, Blinder, and her sister’s new boyfriend, Tex.

Once she opened the door, they laid into her.

“What are you doing with Jealous Man? Are you trying to lose Fantasy Man?” Tex announced firmly.

Jealous Man was not only her ex-boyfriend and friend, but Gullible Woman’s neighbor, who she had settled for a year after her separation from her soon to be ex-husband, until five months ago. She broke up with him because he was her rebound. The one who she thought she loved, and thought she was in love with. For so long she juggled the question in her mind regarding the question Tex asked. She knew Jealous Man feel hard for her, and continued to love her, but that was not who she wanted.

She understood it was contradicting, yet, she was totally confused.

Before her buzz, Jealous Man talked to Gullible Woman expressing his opinion regarding Fantasy Man.

“Fantasy Man was a low life, woman beating, redneck.”

All of her life, she always depended on others to make her decisions and she followed what they said. Like a robot.

Prior to Wednesday night, Fantasy Man was over staying the night with her. Knocking softly, Jealous Man made his self noticeable standing outside her front door.

Her 14-year-old son, Free Runner, was sleeping and awakened shortly by the knocking on her front door. He answered opened it and surely enough it was Jealous Man commanding Gullible Woman’s presents.

Free Runner stated, “We are sleeping. Mom is with her boyfriend.”

Forcefully, Jealous Man snapped insisting she had no boyfriend and if she did, he was her boyfriend. He barged through the front door stomping his way down her hall meeting her halfway. She directed Jealous Man to leave stating his presents were not welcomed.

As he barged over her, he started screaming towards Fantasy Man stating he was wrong for expecting Gullible Woman to wait around for his arrival. Jealous Man firmly believed Fantasy Man was only using her.

When Fantasy Man stood, Jealous Man taunted his way back from her room into the living room only to vanish out the front door, back to his apartment. He was out of sight for the rest of the night.

She sat there on the verge of disbelief because she could not accept Jealous Man would pull such a stunt as this, but luckily, no one was hurt and no one ended up in jail.


About 30 Something...

Chelle is a divorced wife and mother of three wonderful kids. She enjoys writing, either by blogging or creating stories.
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