Kissing Toads

Ever get the notion to question things maybe one is not suppose to question? Things, as in, if one is praying for her night and shining armor to sweep her off her feet, later, she realizes she has never kissed anything but toads; toads who are disguised as a prince.

In the last 15 years—of which she cares to consider her dating life—Gullible Woman was the toad kissing fool.

10 years with a husband who never appreciated her as his wife. Belittling, name calling, the whole 10 years of emotional and mental abuse she dealt with. There were good, fun, and respectful times, but the negativity times outweighed the positive times.

Although, legally, it was seven years of marriage, one year of dating, and two years of separation, she spent seven months with a man who had his heart torched by the simple touch of the ex-husband syndrome fear. This includes three weeks with one toad who blinded her only to play her for a fool.

In the 30 some years of Gullible Woman’s life, she would have thought by now she found her prince. But she has not kissed the right toad.

Excluding the years before marriage, puppy love years, the seven months of dating Jealous Man, and the very short three weeks of dating Fantasy Man, or other short term relationships, she cares to only remember these three relationships to be the important ones to discuss as of now; November 09, 2009.

Yet, she continues to hope, keep the faith, and continue to dream about her prince.


About 30 Something...

Chelle is a divorced wife and mother of three wonderful kids. She enjoys writing, either by blogging or creating stories.
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2 Responses to Kissing Toads

  1. Betty Dravis says:

    Sounds like interesting reading, Chelle. I relate to some of these women; never been abused by a man (except one tried to make me think as he did; mental abuse), but during the “dating age” I had my share of jealous, manipulative and even men who drank too much…

    I so enjoy hearing different people’s life stories, not only women… I also like to hear stories of how women (and men) met their true loves.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Hugs – Betty Dravis
    (Chase Von, my co-author, on DREAM REACHERS nonfiction book, told me about your site…)

    • Thanks Betty. It’s sad to see woman have to go through this. Personally, I’ve been through it myself. I feel mental and emotional abuse are just as strong as psyical abuse except the scares remain a lifetime.

      I’m looking into writing the type of blogs as you requested. “Finding true love.”

      Feel free to check back for more updated blogs. You’re welcomed to also check out my writing site,

      Thanks for your input.

      Hugs back to you,


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