Ending the entries of the discussion on Fantasy Man and Jealous Man, in conclusion, a man who claims he loves her so suddenly, one has to come to the realization there has to be something peculiar with this picture.

An ex-boyfriend, and three different friends—at completely different times—observed how Gullible Woman expressed her concerns in reference to Fantasy Man.

Here she has denied any negativity people insinuated towards, Jealous Man, by praising his friendship.

Now, after ranting and raving to friends; Tracker, Eye Opener, and Counselor, helped her to realize Fantasy Man was not all that she made him out to be. Or, the one she had hoped for.

It was then, she became conscious of Fantasy Man. Reality smacked her in the face. He was her parachute who failed and her reserve shoot were her friends, Tracker, Eye Opener and Counselor. Three male friends, who all were fearless of her defense, yet concerned for her feelings.

Now she realizes her parachute did not work, but she was saved by her reserve and she is once again resuming her position on the plane ready for her next jump.

Until she finds her jumping point, the plane continues ascending across the open skies.

This ends the entry discussion of Fantasy Man, along with Jealous Man.


About 30 Something...

Chelle is a divorced wife and mother of three wonderful kids. She enjoys writing, either by blogging or creating stories.
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