A Day with the Band

Smooth grey clouds fill the sky ver so softly covering the bright blue sky hidden behind the grey clouds scattered with streams of jet smoke.

No storm is in sight.

This day ending all too soon wishing I was with you. Instead, I sit patiently with thoughts of you running through my mind as I cn hear your voice calling out my name listening o the band’s song, “Here with Me.”

The words speak of leaving. My heart desires the need to be with you. I only wish their words, “Here with Me,” were my words to say to you.

I close my eyes, letting the warmth of the sunlight shine on my eyelids providing me with the light to see into my subconscious. Images of our moments we shared, within such little time, our emories come to mind.

I cherish each of those times. I see my future only to be with you. Impatiently hoping you chose me as I have you.

Again, I repeat, the band’s words, “No matter whee you are tonight, a part of you is here with me.”

When I hear their words, I know deep in my heart these chosen words are true.

They say it once again, before me, “All I know is that I need you here with me.”


About 30 Something...

Chelle is a divorced wife and mother of three wonderful kids. She enjoys writing, either by blogging or creating stories.
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